Special Projects UUH Outreach seeks grants and community partners to address seasonal or unique needs that arise for older adults in the Northwest.  Examples of such projects are: Holiday food drive - Collects and delivers much-needed groceries to identified older adults. Healthy Habits for Aging Well - This project is a collaboration between the Outreach Program, Philadelphia University Occupational Therapy Assistant Program and University of the Sciences. The goal of the program is to educate older adults about the “best practices” in the field of healthy aging and to see if behaviors learned can become lifelong habits. We currently serve three sites in the Northwest and will be expanding to a fourth site in 2015. Heat Relief Project - Purchases air conditioners for older adults with a medical need.  The project is repeated annually as funding allows. Meals on Wheels Bridge Project - Provides in home meals for older adults temporarily while applying for long term Meals on Wheels from other programs. UUH Outreach serves those who are 60 years and older and living in Germantown, Mount Airy, Chestnut Hill, West Oak Lane and part of East Falls.  Zip codes served are 19118, 19119, 19138, 19144, 19150; west of Broad Street in 19126 and 19141; and 19129 in East Falls. Its services include Health Promotion, Social Work, Client Assistance Fund, and Special Projects. UUH OUTREACH a service to the Northwest community Health Promotion – encourages older adults to set and achieve their wellness goals. The Neighborhood Nurse offers individual consultation with older adults to: review medications demonstrate best self-care for chronic diseases find a doctor plan when and how to talk with the doctor Free blood pressure screenings are offered at senior centers and ElderDiner sites in Northwest Philadelphia.  Wellness workshops are offered seasonally for the community. UUH Outreach works with graduate and medical student interns to bring the generations together to improve the health of older adults.  A student may be a mentor with one older person or lead wellness groups for older adults.  For example, Philadelphia University’s certified occupational therapy assistant students lead walking, nutrition and activity groups.           Social Work Service – in-home consultation and access to community resources. The UUH Outreach social worker visits older adults at home to help identify concerns, and provide information and support for older adults to resolve their concerns. Examples of information provided are tips for caregivers, preparing an emergency information card, and how to apply for PACE. Workshops are offered at the UUH Outreach offices each spring and fall to share information about resources for older adults in the Northwest Philadelphia community. Workshops feature older adults as speakers. Client Assistance Fund - provides small grants to older adults in need. The Client Assistance Fund has distributed over $37,000 in small grants, averaging $100, to older adults since its inception in 2007.  See how these small grants have made a big difference in the lives of our older neighbors: Ms. H., 91, was hospitalized last winter and fell behind in paying her bills. A Client Assistance Fund grant helped pay her heating bill. UUH Outreach social worker helped resolve property tax issues that arose from a missed payment. Ms. E. is 63 and provides a home for her daughter and grandchildren.  UUH Outreach collaborated with other agencies and supplied the last $100 she needed to get her leaking roof repaired.  Mr. C. is 70 and lives in an apartment. After a major health event he spent months in rehab and appointed a temporary guardian to manage his affairs. Upon returning home he was unable to reverse the guardianship and could not access his finances. He used a Client Assistance Fund grant to purchase food and medications, and the UUH social worker helped resolve the guardianship issue. UUH Outreach 22 W. Rittenhouse Street, 1st Fl.,   Philadelphia, PA 19144-2750 Phone: 215-843-5881    Fax: 215-843-6213    Email:  outreach@uuhouse.org Click map to enlarge