UUH OUTREACH MISSION UUH Outreach supports the goals of people 60 and older in achieving independence, dignity and quality of life in their homes and communities. Our professional staff takes the time to fully understand the older person’s situation and concerns, and responds with tailored information and access to resources in the community.  UUH Outreach’s key to success is its active collaboration with other service organizations, which expedites getting older adults the support they need.    VISION Our vision is of a Northwest community where all older adults are supported in meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through activities and services that support, educate, and foster connection to the larger community.  Information, assurance, and services are available from a range of knowledgeable and approachable individuals, both professionals and community members. The UUH Outreach Program is  committed to providing leadership, creativity, and linkages in order to   make this vision a reality. UUH Outreach 22 W. Rittenhouse Street, 1st Fl.,   Philadelphia, PA 19144-2750 Phone: 215-843-5881    Fax: 215-843-6213    Email:  outreach@uuhouse.org a service to the Northwest community