History: In 1999, UUH Outreach was created from the merger of the Unitarian Universalist House (UUH) and Lycoming House.  Both entities agreed that this unique program concept was a fitting way to expand their missions to support older adults in Northwest Philadelphia. From modest beginnings providing heat relief funding and sponsoring on-campus public events, UUH Outreach has become an integral part of the aging service system in Northwest Philadelphia. Leadership: An 10-member Board ensures that UUH Outreach is fiscally sound and stays true to its mission to serve older adults in the Northwest community. Its members are elected from neighboring UU congregations and the Lycoming Fund Board. UUH OUTREACH a service to the Northwest community Core Values: Adhere to Unitarian Universalist principles that honor the dignity and worth of each person and welcome all regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race or national origin. Provide individualized, quality professional care that is responsive to the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of an older adult. Informed by profound respect for self-determination and the uniqueness of each individual. Function as attentive and knowledgeable “friends”, enhancing the sense of community for older adults. Seek opportunities to expand the capabilities of aging services and community networks in Northwest Philadelphia. A 10-member Program Committee guides the development of services and gives hands-on support to UUH Outreach.  Members are  experts in aging services from throughout Greater Philadelphia.